micro splash

‘The microsite is a polemical form to contest the essay’

MicroSplash is a workshop event bringing together website makers to build simple, smart, political or otherwise intriguing micro-sites. Over the course of one day, we'll setup a series of new online info points on various debates.

What’s the idea?

If you’ve nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to fear..

That murky, old saying is used to justify ever more scary invasions of privacy. Search online for a good comeback and you’ll get a list of useful but text-heavy articles.

When we search for key phrases or issues, we often find the arguments better served by clear, punchy micro-sites or single serving sites.

Example: healthwar.org

In just five hours, Joni built this one-page, impassioned reflection on health spending compared to the costs of war. She wanted to make plain the issue of military action at the expense of domestic needs.

At MicroSplash, we’ll build simple sites with interesting content. They’ll be clear, stimulating, easily shared and meaningful. There are plenty of possible subjects.

Cover a cause that moves you. Microsplash is a chance to act on things you care about but rarely give time to.

Or if you’re not sure what’s best, we’ve a box of topic material, on subjects like privacy, web freedom, environment and media distortion.

We’re also interested in pages that reach new audiences, break convention or are otherwise challenging.

Come if you’re a web developer or designer who:

  • Feels to add to the public discourse
  • Wants to experiment online
  • Appreciates new, creative situations and companions
  • Dreams of changing the internet landscape

The last Microsplash events took place at the London Hackspace and Centre for Creative Collaboration in early 2013. The next is in planning.

Do microsites have an impact?

Microsites can make a big impact and enjoy a long tail. It’s sometimes down to the networks that propel them, but a strong idea, well-designed, will travel and inform debate.

The examples on this page give a mixed idea of what we mean.

Microsplash project hackneyhaute.com probably had an effect in stimulating a certain amount and angle of debate on the subject of gentrification in Hackney.

In this rapid-sharing, short-attention age, a strong micro-site can leave viewers with the same point, fact or impression that an essay, article or pamphlet can. We are willing to discuss this claim.

Take part in MicroSplash

To take part, email us and we'll send full details. Follow our updates on Twitter.